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The Truth is In Here!

September 6th, 2021

About the author, Shane Shipman Garland, TX:

Shane Shipman is an artist, natural born US citizen, native Texan, has over 10 years experience supporting life and health insurance executives, an interest in medicine and nutrition, some experience working in a fibromyalgia clinic, worked as a cashier moonlighting, and is patient of many doctors managing multiple debilitating conditions. Shane graduated with Honors from Lakeview Centennial High school and Eastfield Community College with a focus in science.

In a world with a new more aggressive respiratory virus, many people are afraid and looking for answers. We are being told that misinformation is dangerous and that we must combat the misinformation. However, those in control of deciding what is misinformation have special interests that skew your view.

There has been a huge emphasis on the “Nation’s top leading infectious disease expert” while ignoring, ridiculing, attacking the character, and mincing words of physicians who have shown a great track record in helping patients stay well and recover from viral infections. The censorship is out of control and dangerous. Valid tools of prevention and treatment have been actively hidden. Adverse reactions from experimental injections have been downplayed and hidden. Ludicrous entries were put in the VARES system as an effort to cast doubt on any adverse reactions reported.

If early treatment options were officially recognized and used, the emergency use authorization of the experimental injections would be invalid. Arguably, they are.

What I am finding is a paid for special interest group decides the stance on a position and any information that conflicts with their findings is labeled as misinformation and is removed. Anyone that continues to try to get the whole truth out will find themselves the target of personal attacks and getting their accounts restricted and their ability to have a voice in social media removed. Much of the information being actively removed is scientifically backed by some of the same prestigious institutes that the leading expert references and is presented by board certified licenced medical doctors or researchers with decades of experience in virology and immunology.

For over a year, I have been aggressively sharing truthful information that is down-ranked or scrubbed from social media. I have been ridiculed and attacked and my accounts restricted, but I am a little harder to get at than most. There are those in power that stand to lose money in their stock portfolio benefiting from new experimental medications and treatments if this truth is in the spotlight. There are those with reputations of integrity on the line. There are very wealthy influential people that are actively trying to slow population growth. These people sponsor “think tanks” that flood your media with opinion articles and posts.

My motivation has been just simply to have more health and freedom for all. There has been a very small benefit to more traffic to my art page, but I assure you this is not my motivation. The income generated from that site is miniscule, laughable. It was just a way to get the information out by hiding it in my page.

This was all planned out before we were ever even experiencing a global pandemic. During event 201, planners discussed ways of motivating the population to follow their plan. There is a campaign for pushing as many people as possible towards an experimental treatment/prevention that has no long term safety data. It is an aggressive campaign ridiculing, shaming, and silencing anyone that speaks out with anything that could challenge their position on the “facts.” Virtue signaling that you are caring for your community by accepting the experimental injection and refusal is selfish and dangerous.

The ones trying to silence me can’t just make false reports to my employer or threaten my credentials or license as they have done with many. I have been muzzled on Facebook with my account restricted for over thirty days multiple times. Almost every time it was when presenting facts that rock the dialogue being pushed. A couple of times, I was attacked verbally for presenting that information and my responses got me shut down on Facebook. I have learned to block before being brought into those traps.

One image that got me shut down for 30 days basically said that you can still possibly get the virus, pass the virus, and die from the virus with or without the experimental injection, but you cannot die from the experimental injection if you don’t take it. The image was so vague, it used CV and an illustration of a syringe.

I cannot share a post even through private messaging unless I copy and paste or type out the URL. I cannot react to any posts or like any pages. The point is here, anyone that presents anything different than the dialogue they wish to present, every effort will be made to make sure we are silenced.

Another image that got me shut down was sharing the cover of the newspaper from the 2011 4th edition of the Sovereign Independent. The PDF of the newspaper is available on

This is a newspaper that was released after Bill Gates’ Ted Talk presenting the solution to the global warming problem. His formula presented was "First, we've got POPULATION. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, WE COULD LOWER THAT BY, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3."

P x S x E x C = CO2 (carbon dioxide output). People x services x energy x carbon output per service

We are being inundated with articles insinuating that accepting an experimental vaccination is the morally responsible thing to do despite the lack of evidence of reduced death or spread of the illness and despite the lack of long term safety data.

There are opinion articles published in newspapers and online that could make one believe there is no recourse to refuse the injection or lose your job with no unemployment benefits if the employer demands. The truth is, employers must provide reasonable accommodations for those that are unwilling or unable to get the injection for various legitimate reasons such as deeply held moral convictions and health conditions.

We are being inundated with opinions saying we need mandates and vaccine passports despite the fact that the vaccine has not been proven to slow the spread. Anyone who speaks otherwise is silenced. In fact, the viral load may be higher and the symptoms suppressed and the vaccinated could be infectious and not even realize it.

People are being inundated with opinion articles claiming valid treatment options have no scientific basis or even framing human grade medication as veterinary medicine because it is also used in veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, some people are turning to self administering veterinary medicine simply because they cannot find affordable non biased medical care or pharmacies are being pressured into making people jump through hoops to get the prescription filled for off label purposes. Stories about deadly reactions to the veterinary grade ivermectin are not based in fact. There is evidence of deception here.

Any treatment options or ways to prevent it other than a mask or an experimental injection (which there is scant evidence for effectiveness) is hidden. The fact is, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc are essential to immune health. Doctors sharing this information and making the vitamins available are being threatened .

According to Anthony Fauci, masks may block a droplet or two, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is and oftentimes there are unintended consequences. Yet, to this day, we are still dealing with mask mandates in schools, places of business, and governors fighting mayors over it. Dr Fauci also said in an interview on 60 minutes that asymptomatic carriers are not the driving factor in an outbreak.Yet, to this day, many places won’t allow you entry without a recent negative COVID test.

According to Doctor Peter McCullough and doctor Ryan Cole, there are multiple treatment options available using FDA approved cheap medication with long term safety profiles that can be used at the ambulatory phase. Doctors face a shitstorm just by publicly discussing this data. Refusing to treat a patient simply because they have not received a vaccine is morally wrong, but it helps convince people to get the injection for fear of not getting treatment and also by skewing the data of the recovery of non-vaccinated cases.

Waiting until a person is so sick they require hospitalization before beginning treatment is criminal. Time and time again, I read and heard personal accounts where a patient got a positive diagnosis and was told to go home and isolate while given no medication. They were told that if the oxygen levels get low, then go to a hospital. At this point, according to Dr. Peter McCullough and much of the documentation I have been able to find, precious time has been lost and it is a much tougher battle. They are usually dealing with thrombosis (blood clotting) and a cytokine storm. There is even a peer reviewed treatment protocol available for download at

For the longest time, the only treatment offered was mechanical ventilation which is ineffective when the blood cannot flow in the lungs. Many lives were lost as a result. The governmental control of your medical care costs people their lives. There is a protocol being used in many hospitals referred to as MATH+. It is a combination of medications used to treat the blood clotting, secondary infection, inflammation, and slow viral reproduction. Many of these medications can be used safely outside of the hospital.

Doctor Ryan Cole’s presentation was labeled false, down-ranked, removed from Facebook, and even scrubbed off of YouTube. This same information is now available on Bitchute bitchute.

The standard seems to be anyone who disagrees with the leading expert’s current findings based upon the data they considered for the moment is wrong and needs to be silenced. They pick apart something to find one minuscule thing they can use to “debunk” the presenter or the information presented. Since they are unable to attack the information based in fact effectively, they attack the presenter. For example, with Doctor Cole’s testimony he said the vaccine could not have been approved if there was a valid treatment option recognized. This was called out as false only because he left out a minor detail that it would not receive an Emergency Use authorization that does not require the standards of rigorous testing required for full FDA approval if there are valid treatments available. Also, he said that the information in the presentation was being presented without political motivation and the fact checkers said that he was a registered republican. This is how hard they look to try to find anything they can label as false and “debunk” the expert. By those same standards, Dr. Fauci should never come across your screen. However, what is fact is determined by whatever he says regardless of the conflicting data or previous statements through the major media channels.

On Friday, August 7th Dr. Dan Stock addressed the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana over the futility of mask mandates and Covid-19 protocols. That video was also removed from YouTube but is available on Bitchute.

Almost every expert or doctor that came out and spoke truth about the importance of vitamins, the available outpatient treatments, or the dangers of the experimental injections was ridiculed, muzzled or attacked in some way. The information these doctors have presented has been truthful, documented, and consistent.

My news feed is being cluttered with social shaming and coercion to push towards voluntarily getting experimental injections, pushing for legislation for vaccine mandates and passports, required masking policies and more. The policy has been to down-rank or remove anything that could cause doubt in the necessity, effectiveness, or safety of the experimental injections or mask policies.This has gone as far as to demonize early treatment regimens that have more thorough safety and effectiveness data than the experimental injections.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that the overwhelming majority of deaths associated with COVID 19 were deficient in vitamin D, that information is down-ranked when it should be shouted from the rooftops. Correlation is not causation with these folks, unless it is death from the virus. Correlation is not causation in the narrative being portrayed if it is death after an injection.

Zinc plays a role in the immune system and can help reduce viral load by slowing down viral production. Hydroxychloroquine has been used in both the prophylaxis (prevention) and the treatment of SARS viruses for years, which are 80+ percent similar to SARS-COV-2. There was a very small study done that from my perspective was designed to cast doubt on the safeness and effectiveness of these treatments with the new aggressive virus, and since it was a more recent study than the ones that showed conflicting results with much more case data, that is the one in the spotlight? There are studies suggesting a valid treatment and prophylaxis role of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin with these new aggressive viruses. Hydroxychloroquine has a long term safety profile. Hydroxychloroquine is a zinc ionosphore and brings zinc into the cell where it interrupts the viral replication process. Ivermectin has a long term safety profile and shows evidence of antiviral properties related to PH levels. All of this is being actively hidden from you and the integrity of it attacked. Maybe you should ask yourself, WHY?

The vaccine passports are a gateway to intense surveillance and loss of freedoms. The mandates are a threat to our right to informed consent. It is impossible to have long term safety data on these vaccines for years to come. The censorship is keeping the whole truth out of the light.

As Benjamin Franklin said eloquently, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

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