I have an Associates in personal computer support. It has been a very long time since I have attended formal classes, but I have learned my away around these electronic devices. I kind of had a knack for it since I was a kid. I've always fished around in menu options and learned what I could.

I was mostly a DOS then a Microsoft Windows guy, but that's only because I have liked the flexibility to build Frankenstein machines. Linux wasn't mainstream enough when I was ready to learn. If apple wasn't so locked down, I might like it. It being a rigid system locked down so hard has provided more stability than a flexible system. Nowadays, having a form factor computer tower with swappable components is a rarity. We're down to laptops and tablets that have very few replaceable parts. Most everything is connected now through USB rather than PCI cards or other serial connections. It's been an interesting ride. I've got some retro knowledge that helps with retro Frankenstein systems. I am learning a little about the new hardware.

I've learned now though, that Linux is flexible and customizable as well. It takes more know how to put mesh together hardware with Linux, but it can be done. Android is a Linux operating system. Although I am not an advanced tech able to pull in high dollars per hour, I can help show people the ropes on things when I am feeling up to it. I spend more time creating art lately, but I figured I'd start sharing some tech info here.