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Shane Shipman, Artist / Renaissance man.  Dallas, TX USA

I'm interested in medicine, nutrition, and technology, and a newbie at (micro) investing.  Pain and bipolar get in the way of motivation and production.  

Born in the start of the 80s in Dallas, TX, lived in Garland for many years, grew up through the hard knocks of life in Dallas, TX. I am a bit of a nomad now.  Catch me when you can.

 I have learned much from necessity and personal experience. I get a little along the way in my life here and there and I am doing my best to pay it forward.  

There are multiple ways of sending me a little cash. I will accept any help I can get.  There are freebies on the money page if you want to try out financial tools that can give us both a little kickback as well! My life is expensive. Chronic pain from back and neck injuries, migraines, bipolar make it more than difficult to work full time. Medication/supplements aren't cheap. Any help is appreciated!  Even a nickel will make me smile :) 

  $ShaneShipman on CashApp, Venmo SASDFW, for Zelle..  CoinbaseWallet DFWSAS.

I am offering 9x12, 8x10, and 10x10 canvas prints of my work that I have in stock starting at $30 direct (Plus $10 shipping and handling) I bounce around a bit, so if you are near me you can save some on shipping too. You must contact me directly for these that I make by hand myself. 

If you want a handmade textured piece (The majority of what I sell) contact me directly.

Send me a photo and see what I can do with it!  Zelle, CashApp, Venmo Call me two one four two six seven eight eight five-two.

Find my Facebook page at

This all started by fate.  While working in a call center looking for something to do between calls I found  I saw a picture enhanced by Prisma that my friend took of her dog. When I tried Prisma, the PlayStore suggested other apps.  I tried Deep Art Effects, Varnist, Painnnt, Superphoto,, and more and started kicking images around.  I started fine tuning images in Photoshop Express, Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Mix on Android.  (I use Android and Microsoft Windows, but other versions are available for most) Most of these apps are free, but to get better quality you usually have to pay something.  I've been playing around with StarryAI quite a bit.  

I had some experience in Photoshop on Windows and began learning GIMP a while back because there is no cost to use it. Photoshop is nice and more refined, but it is now a subscription based system.  If you want to pay for Photoshop only once and use it, you'll have to settle for an older version but they have even discontinued the site to register the software to make it work.  You would have to crack it to use it because they "retired" the registration servers, which I guess would be legal if you owned a copy.  GIMP is open-source donation based. I use GIMP to get photos ready for print.

I saw a post where someone was making canvas print wraps gluing prints to cotton. I tried it myself and I got good at it. I began showing off my work at happy hour and people began buying.  It is always helpful when I can sell a few pieces.  It boosts my spirits more than my pocketbook.  I would love another wall  to put some art on for a couple of months or maybe longer.  If you want to help sell them I can split profits.  Selling is half the work.  It sells itself if it is in a proment location and good foot traffic.

Much Love

Shane A. Shipman